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Lori D. Bolander

Sue and Mike-

Thanks for taking such good care of us and our transactions! You two managed to sell our 4 plex quickly, with multiple offers and well over asking. I will always refer my clients with trust properties to the Freeman Group. Your experience, vast knowledge and professionalism are why you are my LA GO-TO REALTORS®!

Thank you as always!

Jack Weinstock

Sue Freeman is to Real Estate as Michael Phelps is to Olympic Athletics. She is a true Champion that excels at her craft far above all others. She conducts her business as if she is Magic Johnson leading the Show Time fast break and the envy of all the competition. She misses no opportunity to do right by you. She knows you, and she knows what is going to exceed your expectations, every time. From assisting you with finding your dream home or an awesome income property, to dealing with all the dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s, Sue is always 3-steps ahead. Sue educates you like one of your favorite teachers, talks to you like your best friend, while being the utmost professional, and all while keeping you apprised of every step in the process, so you are always confident you are making decisions that are truly in your own best interest. Sue has also surrounded herself with some great team players, such as her son Mike Freeman who is excelling in his mom’s footsteps. How do I know this? This is not the first home/property I have purchased with Sue Freeman. Sue Freeman is the only Cubbie to come to the plate and hit a home run every time. As the saying goes, when you have the best, why try the rest? Sue, you are awesome and a dear friend, and your team is second to none.

Heather Kornman

We first met Sue and Mike Freeman at their lovely Spring brunch they host for their clients. My grandmother, who has been a client and friend of Sue's for years, invited us as her guests to the brunch. It was the best brunch I've ever been too (our kids loved it too, a giant dressed up entertaining bunny and all!) Sue and Mike were so friendly, warm and inviting and about a year later we worked with them in purchasing a home alongside my grandmother and their friendly, warm embrace continued. Sue was awesome to work with, she is attentive, available, and so fun to be around! The Sue, and Mike team helped us to find the perfect home for our multi-generational family that meets ALL of our needs, and wants. We are so excited for our family to live happily ever after here, and to that we owe many thanks to the awesome Freeman Group!

Molly Smith


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank both you and Mike for the incredible job you did for my family. Three months ago I asked you to show us a house across the street from me in Hawthorne so my granddaughter and her family could be close to me. Next thing we know we've put my house up for sale with you. Two weeks later it sold!!

Three weeks later you found us the house of our dreams and we are now happily in a multi family property in Lomita!

Bless you both😀
Molly Smith

Ken and Kristen

Dear Sue and Mike,
Thank you so much for your hard work and contributions towards our first home purchase. We acknowledge and truly appreciate your efforts in making this sale happen! We love this home and plan to make a lifetime of memories in it!

Ken and Kristen

The Kelly & Dary Family

Dear Sue and Mike,

We want to thank both of you for your hard work and diligence. You did it, sold our house and found another one at the same time. Can’t believe that worked out as well as it did. Kudos!Angi and kids are very happy, more space inside and out. Zach feels like a big boy now that he can walk home from school by himself. Ali is ecstatic – little brother is out of her room.

All is well in kiddee world.I am sure you find great pleasure in your work. How satisfying to get people into a new home.You generosity and kindness throughout the process is greatly appreciated. The movers did an excellent job and the gift certificate for $100 really helped. The cleaning of Stanford was nice touch. Finally, Rock & Brews gift certificate will be for a family gathering to celebrate the move to a new house.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Renee Bey

Mike and Sue,

It is a Blessing that you were chosen to be in my life during this season of transition. I know that it is because of you, advocating from your heart and with your knowledge of Real Estate and the law, I am being assisted with this move. No one has been able to get this transition done for me so far.

I shed tears of joy knowing that you believe in my character and even though I will be sixty on my birthday, there is still hope for me to have a better quality of life living in this new community with minimal stress by downsizing my living situation.

To be able to sell my home, purchase another and only have to move once more was never what I expected. You made my life stress free and for that I thank you. May the Most High God Bless you and your family, encamping Angelic presence all around thee.Sue and Mike, I will never forget you, appreciate you, and am so grateful that we met on this journey called life.



Hi Sue and Mike,

We want to thank you for the incredible effort you put in that enabled us to close escrow on our dream home.

It was obvious to us that you have a lot of experience in the real estate business and that you truly care about making a positive home buying experience.

We appreciate how you went above and beyond to resolve every issue that arose and make the transaction as smooth as possible.

We couldn’t be happier and we wish you both the best!